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Acute Systems TransMac 12.3-磁盤管理軟件
TransMac 是一款可以讀、寫和格式化Macintosh高密度磁盤、CD-ROM以及SCSI光驅(包括SyQuest、Bernoulli、Zip、光學磁盤和硬磁盤)的Windows公用程式。特點包括:支持長檔案名、刪除和複製目錄樹,以及拷貝時保持或更新檔案時間的能力。此升級版還包括改善的界面 (參見圖例),可縮放的主視窗,列表查看代替了標準列表框,以及支持右鍵彈出式選項單。

Acute Systems TransMac 12.x |
TransMac is an intuitive program that can copy files to and from Macintosh disks, enabling you to create and burn CD or a DVD images with ease. It's a powerful software solution that allows you to copy any type of file to and from Mac OS X-formatted disks which can't be accessed from Microsoft's operating system.

Thanks to a very clean and easy to navigate interface, TransMac is designed to allow users transfer files to and from HFS (Mac OS Standard) and HFS+/HFSX (Mac OS Extended and case sensitive) disks. The application automatically detects the Macintosh disks, regardless if they are regular hard drives, CDs, DVDs or removable drives. Of course, it allows users perform a number of actions, including reading and writing data, but also copy, rename and delete files and folder just like on a regular disk.

Additionally, TransMac comes with dedicated features to help users format any disk to be later accessed from Mac OS X, but also burn images in various formats, including DMG, IMG and ISO. Last but not least, it sports a comprehensive search tool to search for virtually any type of file, but also for extensions and other type of data that may be stored on the Macintosh hard disks.

There are three different settings menus, “General”, “PC” and “Mac”, so you can even configure the way you access Mac-formatted disks. For instance, TransMac supports read-only access but, in case you wish to benefit from all its features, you need to enable read/write access. TransMac works flawlessly and it doesn't affect computer performance at all, leaving just a minimal footprint on hardware resources. Windows 7 users however need administrator privileges to enable all features of the app.

This is one of the most effective ways to control your Macintosh hard disks from a Windows workstation and thanks to its straightforward interface and a comprehensive help file, it can be safely used by all types of users.

Apple File System (APFS) volume read support.
Open Mac APFS/HFS/HFS+ format disk drives, flash drives, CD/DVD/Blu-ray media, HD floppies, dmg, dmgpart, sparsebundle and sparseimage files.
Copy files to Mac HFS+ disks and dmg images.
Format as HFS+ for Mac .
Save and restore images of disks and flash drives.
Create, compress, expand and split dmg files.
Built in burner functionality to burn ISO and dmg files directly to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray.
Read Mac multisession and hybrid CDs.
View partition layout.

Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10

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