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Change Vision Astah Professional v8.0.0 x32/x64-輕量級UML建模工具
Astah Professional是一款全新的輕量級UML建模工具,支持 UML1.4 規範中定義的所有圖,並且創新地集成了思維導圖和 UML 。採用 100% 純 JAVA 構建的 JUDE 可以實現跨平台應用。 JUDE 不僅能夠實現分佈式建模、項目合併,還能夠實現和其它建模工具的交互。 JUDE 的 JAVA 雙向工程功能更是可以減輕開發人員的工作量。 除了在功能上表現出眾,內容豐富的使用手冊讓本身就極易上手的 JUDE 更容易被用戶所接受。

Astah Professional 功能強大,支持 UML1.4中所有圖和主要的圖形,元模(Meta Model)及屬性,全面滿足您建模所需,還集成了思維導圖,工程合併,協作開發等十餘項特色功能,以及許多方便用戶的貼心實用的功能。

Astah Professional 是100% 純 Java 應用程序,可以跨平台在各種主流操作系統中使用。支持 OMG XMI標準格式,可以與其它建模工具交互模型。為方便用戶書寫 Office 文檔,軟件支持以 Microsoft EMF 增強圖元拷貝粘貼至 Microsoft Office,也可以將模型信息導出到 Office Excel。軟件提供了內容豐富的使用手冊,全面查看 Astah Professional 所有的功能。

簡單,友好,強大,輕快,高效,以人為本,這就是Astah Professional最大的特色,提高你的 UML 建模效率.

x64 | Language:Multilanguage | 
Astah is a lightweight UML editor integrated with ERD, DFD, CRUD and Mind mapping features for software developers.Developers, analysts, testers and managers can communicate with one another effectively using astah diagrams because all the diagrams are consistently stored in one model.

Besides the standalone editions, "astah share"(a web server edition) will boost the communication by providing a web-browser view of the shared diagrams so that the team can exchange comments like social network services.

Improvements of operation
-Create a model by double-clicking on the Diagram Editor
-Up/Down key can select models inside the models in the Diagram Editor
-[Close] button on Diagram Editor tab
-List of Diagram lists on Diagram Editor, etc.

Requirement Diagram
professional supports new features to offer you to use requirements and other models relating to SysML. It visualizes the gap between on-going-process and what it should be done in the project by creating Requirements and TestCases and relationships between them and managing the Requirement Diagram

New model "NEST"
This model represents a nest relationship between namespaces such as Packages and Classes

Orthogonal Regions in Statemachine Diagram
Now you are able to represent Orthogonal Regions in Statemachine Diagram.

Suggest Feature
Suggest Feature which suggests you what model to draw is newly implemented. Models will be suggested when you mouse over models

System Requirements:
OS:Windows 7/8.1/10

Change Vision Astah Professional v8.0.0 (x86-x64)