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Photo Wall – Collage Maker 8.6 MacOS-照片拼貼軟件
看到別人發出來的拼貼圖片非常好看,但是自己卻不知道如何去完成?不用擔心,photo wall collage maker for mac版軟件,這是一款適用於macOS系統的mac照片拼貼軟件,簡單易用,沒有複雜的操作,只需幾分鐘即可創建出自己喜愛的照片,製作的有趣且獨特的拼貼畫。該軟件為圖片提供了很多新的背景,自定義哪種風格的背景來搭配您的照片,支持拼接出各種類型的幾何圖案,長方形,三角形,圓形,多邊形都可以,同時,還支持設置格式、質量和分辨率,能夠在最大程度上創作出最好的作品。

Photo Wall - Collage Maker is a great application for making impressive photo collages. It has never been easier! Create interesting and unique collages made of your favorite photos just in a couple of minutes. We offer a lot of new backgrounds for pictures - select the ones you like most.

Photo Wall - Collage Maker features:
- Easy-to-use photo collage creator
- Geometric patterns for your collage
- A lot of new bright backgrounds
- Frame parameters, Zoom & Angle options
- Format, Quality and Resolution settings

How to Use:
- Choose a geometric pattern
- Click each collage section (or drag & drop) to upload photos
- Set the Frame options (width, opacity, frame color)
- Click in the right panel Scale to zoom in/out & Angle to turn the photo around itself
- Use Flip function in the right panel to mirror the selected picture
- Use the Trash icon (top right corner) to delete the selected photo
- Click the cogwheel icon to choose format, resolution and quality
- Save the result by using the download icon (top right corner)

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