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PDF Conversa Professional Edition 2.001 Retail PDF和Word之間的輕松轉換
PDF和Word之間的輕松轉換。無論您是想將PDF文檔轉換為Word文件格式DOC還是將Word文檔轉換為PDF-PDF Conversa都提供了必要的工具。PDF到Word:轉換現有的PDF文件到Word文件格式DOC在任何時候都沒有。與基本布局關聯的圖形、表格和字體保持不變。受密碼保護的文檔可以在Word中輕松轉換和進一步處理。

PDF Conversa Professional Edition 2.x Retail Multilingual | 
Easy conversion between PDF and Word. Whether you want to convert PDF documents into the Word file format DOC or convert Word documents into PDF - PDF Conversa provides the necessary tools. PDF to Word: Convert existing PDF files into the Word file format DOC in no time at all. The graphics, tables and fonts associated with the basic layout remain unchanged. Password-protected documents can be easily converted and further processed in Word.

DOC/DOCX to PDF: If desired, password protection can be applied to your Word documents during the conversion into the PDF format, special fonts can be integrated directly into the PDF file, texts can be compressed and you are able to determine the picture quality of the contained graphics.

Pass on your documents in the format you desire or edit existing documents in your preferred file format - PDF Conversa processes the conversion with just one click.

OS : Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Language : Multilingual

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