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Summitsoft SystemTECH Pro 11.0 系统修复软件
SystemTECH Pro是一款功能強大且專業的系統修復及清理軟件,SystemTECH Pro具有所有工具,可讓您的PC重新運行,重新獲得磁盤空間,保護您的隱私不受入侵者的侵害,創建加密備份等。 它還會檢測到任何新安裝或正在運行的程序或組件可能會損害系統。

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The tools every Windows user needs. SystemTECH Pro has all the tools to get your PC running like new again, regain disk space, protect your privacy against intruders, create encrypted backups and much more.

Remove System Clutter
Countless duplicate, junk and temporary files are created and added to your hard drive over time. The more you use your PC, the more clutter clogs your system and slows performance. Use SystemTECH Pro to quickly regain speed and securely delete unwanted files.

Speed Up Your PC
Get your PC’s speed back with SystemTECH Pro’s powerful optimization tools. Remove unnecessary start up items and speed up the time it takes to boot your PC. Even new computers come pre-loaded with things you don’t need, safely clean them off and watch your performance increase.

Safe and Secure
Malicious programs hide on your system and can cause serious problems. SystemTECH Pro’s First Detect and Monitoring tools find any suspicious programs or activities to keep you protected from these threats. Protect your sensitive information and data with the Windows and Internet tracks eraser.

Set It and Forget It!
Your time is valuable and you have better things to do than sit around while your PC runs cleaning tasks. Simply schedule SystemTECH Pro to run Auto-Cleanup whenever you want, just set the time and frequency you’d like to run and rest easy.

Keep your computer safe
SystemTECH Pro’s Monitoring and First Detect tools keep your system safe from malicious programs that can make their way onto your computer. There’s no end to the constant barrage of attacks and malware that our computers are exposed to every day. Use SystemTECH Pro to monitor and detect these problems and keep your PC and data safe from harm.

Erase Tracks
Keep your personal information secure by erasing Internet history, cache, cookies, auto fill forms and more. You can even clean your Windows histories and data.

Power Tools
Easy access to Defrag, Disk Fix and Repair System Files with desktop icons. Customize your desktop with wallpaper changer and screen saver controls.

1 Click Instant Backup
Easily create a System Restore point with customizeable options. Save the time and effort of manually setting up restore points, which can be a daunting task.

Healthy PC
Customize your preferences on what to clean to keep your system running at peak performance.
Release Notes:

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System Requirements:
- Operating System: Windows® 10, Windows® 8/8.1, and Windows® 7
- Hardware:233Mhz Processor
- Memory: 256Mb RAM
- Hard Disk: 830Mb Hard Drive space