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ZWCAD Mechanical 2019 SP2 x64-功能強大的一體化CAD設計解決方案
ZWCAD Mechanical2019是功能強大的一體化CAD設計解決方案,這款專業的機械設計解決方案使用旨在為用戶提供完善的智能化繪圖功能、擁有定製的繪圖環境、最新的主流的繪圖標準、智能註釋標準,可為用戶輕鬆生成局部詳圖和專業的機械圖形,從而大大提高了用戶的繪圖和工作效率,並減少細節和基礎問題的時間浪費,使用用於製造提供豐富的工具,如軸生成器,公差尺寸,表面紋理符號,氣球和BOM以及用於機械2D板材繪圖的標準零件。易於使用和無縫DWG兼容性,基於您熟悉的ZWCAD,無縫DWG兼容性,通過最簡單的設計過程完成最複雜的設計結果,軟件支持多邊框和自適應縮放功能,可使用不同比例繪製多個邊框,並且可以根據邊框比例更改註釋對象的大小。超級方便的編輯功能讓你的二次編輯變得 更加迅速,因為你只要雙擊對象,然後對話框中的設置將自動更改。ZWCAD Mechanical2019是機械設計的高效利器。擁有國際8大製圖標準支持,新版的功能將更加強大,使用起來也更加方便會計。

x64 | languages:English | 

ZWCAD CAD tools to design a fast and professional .dwg compatibility to provide modeling and design. The initial feature design such as creating and editing two-dimensional geometric solid modeling three-dimensional, drawing and file sharing, ZWCAD also features an innovative, collaborative and customizable in order to increase efficiency, such as design center, pallets, tools provides customization via APIs. Unrivaled compatibility and friendly user interface lets you get started without any training with ZWCAD.

Features and amenities ZWCAD:
-Striking design tools for visualizing your ideas details
-Flexible management system designed to maximize resources
-Integrated collaboration projects with other projects released through a flexible design
-Standard parts library and tools for design and drawing
-Designed to protect the environment ISO, ANSI, DIN, JIS, and GB
-Reduce costs, optimize the design workflow and improved productivity
-Compare files and render more efficient design enables you to visualize the
-Provides a command similar to the previous program and easy to use features that help you save time
-Faster performance in processing CAD drawings

System Requirements:
OS:Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
CPU:Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon X2 CPU or higher (recommended)
Disk Space:4 GB free space in OS disk, 2 GB free space in installation
Memory:2GB or more (recommended)
GPU: 1GB or more (recommended)
Resolution:1024 x 768VGA display with True Color (minimum) 1440x900 with NVidia 8 series or Radeon HD series or higher

ZWCAD Mechanical 2019 SP2 (x64)